Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wall of Thanks

This morning as I was working from home and watching the news I caught a little bit of the new Nate Burkus show and he was featuring great gifts for under $10. It was a pretty cute little segement that featured mismatched flea market plates, books plates, local food, but the best idea he had was framing thank you notes. How cool would it be to have a wall of frames that includes old pictures of friends and then a thank you note from them? We are moving early next year into a new place and I am thinking this is going to have to be done in my office. I may also include some of the great wedding invites and then maybe a fun picture from that wedding. I have so many notes, invites, and stationery that I have saved over the years that this could be just the way to display them all. What a perfect for idea/gift for any other stationery junkies out there!

{This look is from Pottery Barn and I love all the different sizes and types in Black and White}

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