Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rolling in...

Save the Dates that is! We have received 4 in the last 10 days which means summer will be here shortly. I think save the dates are a lot of fun because they can be cute and different or serious and match your wedding suite. In my paper stores it seems that save the dates are still a big seller for them. One question I think a lot of people ask is whether to use a picture or not... such a personal preference- we have been split 1/2 and 1/2. Save the dates are a great way to let people in on what is going on for your big day and let them start to plan to attend. Save the dates are essential if are having an out of town wedding and that is a great opportunity to get creative and make your guests excited about your destination. Below are some of my favorite Save the dates!

Monday, February 15, 2010

In Bloom

Matt sent me an article today from MSN titled "100 things that are getting better" That is a pretty intriguing title if I do say so myself, listed in the articles were things like Catching Bad guys, Home coffeemakers, Wind Power, Anne Hathaway etc... and under everything they listed there was a little justification of why they chose that. Can you guess what number one was? Flowers. Which I think I will have to agree with 100%. Flowers are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts that you can give. What is great about flowers is that they are almost appropriate for anything. Over the past 5 years or so I would have to say that flowers have really changed. Baby's breath can stand alone now and need not be paired with roses, and there are so many exotic combinations that you can be as original and unique as you desire with your arrangement. There are thousands of blooms out there and every time I'm inspired by an arrangement that I see in Martha Stewart, or on, I have to really figure out what they are even using! With that being said, I think another great thing about flowers is that they can easily be a DIY project. Maybe you don't have to put an arrangement into a candelabra, but why not take those colors and make your own incredible arrangement! Above are photos that I thought were incredible from, Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This coming weekend is the weekend to celebrate love and I love love! Whether you are going for a traditional night on the town or just taking it easy with the ones you love (me! me!) This is the one day a year you can be as mushy as you want and no one can hold it against you! Valentines is a great holiday for gifts because you can give really anything from an expensive piece of jewelry, something personal for her, something for the house, or just do something thoughtful like cook dinner with a great bottle of wine. Whatever you do the key is just being with the people you love most!

All images are from

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red is Dead

I'm going to thank my good friend Ellet for the title of this blog as we were brainstorming what I should talk about next over a glass of wine last night... but honestly red is dead. After walking for what felt like days around the NYIGF if there is any trend to be had it is that Orange is the new red. I remember in 2005 a good friend of mine was working for a big time interior designer in Atlanta and he said that, "Red is the new Neutral" well I think that that can now be said for Orange. Orange can really be combined with almost any color and it works. Orange and pink were a HUGE color combo for spring and summer products. Orange and Blue is a great way to freshen up anything Navy. Orange and Yellow work for anything gender neutral. Aside from being a huge color trend in gift, Orange is also a huge color trend in Interiors. From Accent pillows to walls- it makes the statement that you are looking for. Now for those of you one the fence about orange maybe being a little too bold let me remind you that there are SO many shade of orange to choose from. Personally I like more of a Coral orange, and here in Texas most people prefer a burnt orange, but really it is a personal preference. Orange also lets you be as bold as you want. For example from these two interior photos that I have included- yes you can be bold and paint your whole dining room a warm beautiful orange, or you can keep it simple and just accent with orange piece such as throw pillows and bowls. I really think, especially when it comes to decor, that it is easy to be safe- blues, browns, blacks- and I am no different my friends, but I really think that when you walk into a space where different bold colors have been used it brings a whole new energy that brings out a side of people that is not always seen... and who isn't sick of the same old same old? So I challenge you to be just a little bold... use orange.

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