Friday, January 29, 2010

In Demand

Finally after what seems to be the longest January in history I can write a quick blog about a best selling line... this week it was hands down Tina Givens. Tina Givens is a new line that offers a sweet and unique look to the ordinary invitations. Tina's art work is magical and the designs offer something for everyone. You may think that some of the art looks oh-too-familiar... you are right! Before Tina Givens, there was a wonderful line by the name of CID Pear that had incredible art on incredible paper with the most fabulous hand lined envelopes. Tina Givens captures many of the same lovable characters that were in CID Pear, but with a little more color and a much better price!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only in New York...

I thought I would jot down a few quick lines about my upcoming trip to NYC this weekend to attend the New York International Gift Fair. This will be my first trip and I couldn't be more excited! So you ask "Rosie you are a Stationery Rep shouldn't you be going to the Stationery Show in May?" Answer: Yes, but I am lucky to have about equal amount of gift as I do paper. Part of this job is always trying to find the new, best next thing. It is important to stay up with the trends and even more important to be one step ahead of the trend. A reality of this job is that not every line you pick up is going to bring you huge sales or workout. A even bigger reality is that even if the line has huge sales for you this season it doesn't necessarily mean their next release will bring the same sales. So we are constantly in look of lines with appeal! I'll take lots of pictures and let you know what we find!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stationer To Watch

Today I am happy to blog about one of my personal favorite stationery lines whose founder, Melissa Danaher, was just featured in Stationery Trends as one of the top 10 designers to watch in 2010, Bella Ink Designs. Melissa founded Bella Ink in 2004 and over the last 6 years the line has progressed into a style that is sassy yet sophisticated and has a uniqueness that allows it to stand out amongst the rest. Most of the invites in the lines have either glitter or rhinestones (who doesn't need a little bling in their life?) BID has some of the best selling notecards on the market- the designs are bright, bold, and a little flirty. All of the baby invites make me want to throw a shower because her pregnant momma is about as cute as it comes... (for pregnant mommas at least. ...) and the bridal side of the line is for that bride who has just a little better taste than most people and needs something that stands out. If you aren't familiar with Bella Ink you need to be because there are more great things to come!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Take a deep breath because Market is officially over! Last week my 4 days in Atlanta were awesome! Met with lots of my stores, brainstormed ideas on how to make old lines new and fresh, and worked on getting lots of new product into these empty stores! So what were the number 1 lines for Atlanta.... The Macbeth Collection. Margaret Josephs, the fabulous founder of Macbeth, was in our Atlanta Showroom with Lexi, their awesome sales manager, helping customers see the awesomeness in Macbeth and making it easy to write quick orders. This line has a ton to offer with over 150 patterns that can come on any of the great galvanized tin pieces. If this line isn't great for summer parties, I don't know what is. Their newest hit was the Monoglam program which now offers stores a way to special order Macbeth pieces personalized. I have to say I am already working up an order for myself! Dallas Market was fantastic as well. After 4 days in Atlanta I had one day off and I was back at it! What I love about the Dallas Market is that there is less stress. They offer parking, they have a cafeteria, and there is no fight to become a sardine packed into an elevator. Overall my stores had a good Christmas. Their stores were empty as well and they all needed to be filled! The Dallas Market's number one line was yet again Mixed Bags. These bags were hot! They come in great colors and new shapes that screamed pool bag. The most attractive thing about these bags? The price. Retailing between $6.50-$18.00 there is something for everyone! If this line isn't in your stores it needs to be!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pulitzer Prize

On the flip side of the showroom from yesterdays blog about my love for Jonathan Adler, I also have a love for the new Lily Pulitzer paper. T O D I E F O R. I remember first seeing it last May at the New York Stationery Show and falling in love. To me this line is a no brainer- it is a must have. The prints are so fresh and fun- this line screams Spring. The folded notes in the line are particularly of note because I think the designs are so fantastic. Notecards are a big business for all stationery and gift stores and the Lily Pulitzer notes will stick out and fly fast off the shelves! I also love the party necessities- they are doing coasters, drink umbrellas, place cards, tumblers, napkins, plates, invites and favors! I particularly love the party pom-poms ... such an easy way to add dramatic decor to any party! The stationery and journals in the line are also fantastic. The pens are bright and come in a great gift box- perfect for your end-of-the-year teacher gift, and great for mothers day! I love the magnet boards in this line as well- so great for a desk area or a locker!This line has it all!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Adler Obsessed

Lifeguard Press. Many of you may associate this with the old Vera Bradley line, or you may associate it with the new fantastic Lily Pulitzer Line, now you need to associate it with the incredible Jonathan Adler Stationery line. It is bright, bold, and eye catching. His noteblocks will never be lost on your desk and the file folders will make your filing cabinet feel alive and his gift bags will never make your gift go unnoticed. I think that this line is a must have for all stationery and gift stores for 2010!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of Chums...

Baby Gifts. I am at an age where I have started having to buy more baby gifts then wedding presents. I am realizing with every baby born that there are endless amounts of gifts to give. For baby showers I always give something off the registry or something my sister says is a must have. But there is also the first meeting of the baby and you must bring a little something for that as well (this is what I tell myself so that I can buy cute little things.) Before we repped this line I loved it- Best of Chums. Adorable onesies, booties, hats, and gifts. This line is adorable on it own, but it also has very clever packaging. All onesies either come in a little felt box or in a "tee bag" The booties all look like animals or have a theme, along with most of the hats, and they also come in the felt box! So so easy to give and so incredibly cute!

On your Mark...

Get Set- Go! Ok the Atlanta Market started today and as I get ready for my 6:40am flight tomorrow to Atlanta with the temp being somewhere in the teens I felt that I should give some sort of market run down blog. I am a Dallas rep- why do I go to Atlanta? Well I am lucky to work for a showroom that has 3 locations which means that I do not loose sales when my customers go to other markets to write business. Why do my customers go anywhere besides Dallas? Atlanta is the end-all-be-all for merchandise. Crazy to know that almost everything that you see in every store in the country can all be bought out for the Americas Mart in Atlanta. When you are in the major city- or any city for that matter- it is important to find things that are unique and set you apart from other stores. Atlanta has a HUGE selection in the temporaries which allow stores to find things that have not been picked up by a rep group yet and it probably doesn't have major exposure. Atlanta market vs. Dallas Market? I think this comes down to personal preference. Atlanta is exhausting but worth it. Dallas has all major lines and a good variety and it has parking. I have stores that think Atlanta is a must and they do it twice a year- and I have great stores that only come to the Dallas market... so it really is a coin toss. What new lines will daniel*richards have at Market? For Dallas we have picked up some fantastic new paper and gift lines! Bella Ink, San Lori, Mara-Mi, Tart Paperie, Lillibands, New York Puzzle Company, Best of Chums, Rock of Ages, and Sourcebooks! Atlanta will have Best of Chums, Rub-a-dub-dub, Tina Givens Paper and more!!! I hope that everyone has safe travels no matter what market you attend!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to Basics

Back to Basics is no new concept especially not in a recession. There is something about a financial crisis that makes people want to simplify. I think that with everything that has happened in the world in the last 18 months there really is something so nice about keeping things simple. I also think that tough times bring families close together and this is where this next line comes into play...Dan has found us another incredible line for Spring 2010- The New York Puzzle Company. Now when you start to think about puzzles there may be a part of you that thinks about your grandparents (and that is the beauty in this) or things your mom brought out on a rainy day to try and keep you occupied I think for most people puzzles brought their family together. The New York Puzzle Company has bought the rights to use several vintage Conde Nast covers which will put you right back in that nostalgic mood. Great puzzles are very hard to find and with these retailing around $16.95 you have a great price for all markets. Wouldn't the Popular Mechanics make great Fathers Day gifts? (and you know how tough those are to find!) The House Beautiful covers are by far my favorite, and I think The New Yorker covers are so classic that they would be great to give to anyone! I think this line is going to bring big sales at market and I am very excited to see what they do next!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's January, now what?

As most people head back to work today I am sitting here with my beloved dog thinking to myself "That was it?" Don't get me wrong I had a fabulous vacation. Mabry (the beloved Bassedor) and I drove to Atlanta for 7 non-stop, fun packed, kid screaming, dog barking, door slamming days at my parents house. I cooked 2 lasagnas, 1 mac'c'cheese, 1 breakfast casserole, and did and h'dourves spread- to say I was exhausted is an understatement. Time with my family is precious to me now that I have moved away and having everyone together creates memories that I will cherish forever... I do feel a little bit of "Holiday Time Planning Depression" (yes I just made that up) but really I have spent months thinking about gifts to give, people to invite over, what I am going to cook... and now it is done and we have moved on to January... so now what? Don't worry I do have PLENTY to keep me busy ( 2 markets in 2 weeks, and a trip to NYC for the Gift Show) but I miss the idea of having my friends together. Luckily for them I received 2 new cook books for Christmas (and I bought 2 for myself along the way!) My friends all know, and love, that my second passion to gift is cooking. My wonderful friend Ellet gave Matt and I the beautiful cookbook Neiman Marcus Taste by Kevin Garvin. This book's pictures are as wonderful as the recipes. I think that a cookbook is such a wonderful gift for friends who cook, or such a great gift to bring with you as a Hostess Gift. Matt was looking though the pages asking me if I can make this and that for him! So in January I will have my sweet friends over and I will use the great Cookbook they gave me to throw a dinner party- and my "Holiday Time Planning Depression" is over! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday and best wishes in 2010!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mark Your Calendars!

Atlanta Market starts next week! Everyone has been in the showrooms getting everything tagged and scanner ready! We have picked up some great new lines! Come see me in the Atlanta daniel*richards showroom- 1634 in building 2! Then onto the Dallas Market January 13-19- daniel*richards Suite 2100 in the Trade Mart! Need a calendar to mark these on? We just picked up this adorable line SusyJack. SusyJack falls into the Eco-Friendly category and has some incredibly cute stationery. These desk calendars have been a hit- the designs are clean (like I wish my desk was!), bright, and hip. I love the note cards! Sometimes you needs something with just great design and these meet that need! Happy New year everyone!


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