Monday, October 26, 2009

Give the gift of Paper!

Over the weekend I went to a great bridal shower for Matt's soon-to-be sister-in-law. I love showers because I love people getting together to celebrate someone else. For the past three weeks I have thought and thought about what to get the bride-to-be. I really love the art of gift giving and nothing makes me happier then seeing a person light up when they open a present. So I decided to fore go the bridal registry and think of something on my own and naturally I think about giving the gift of paper. Now I don't know the bride-to-be terribly well since I have only had a couple of interactions with her outside of family functions, but I know that ANY new bride wants to see her new name. I think that the new name is something that is thought about every time you start to get serious with a boyfriend- "could i be Mrs. so and so..." which makes seeing it on paper- in print- even more exciting and real. Being crazy about paper, I think that one style of stationery is not enough for anyone. Everyone needs the classic embossed monogram- it serves the purpose of a more formal thank you, or I'm sorry, and it is timeless so there is no need to rush through the box because in 25 years that will still be appropriate. I am also a believer that you need fun stationery- and as much of it as you can possibly imagine!! The fun notes makes you want to write and say "thanks for dinner" or "thanks for doing something thoughtful!" I think people appreciate a written note. So the time comes for the opening of the gifts at the shower and I have to tell you I was a little nervous because I didn't know if she would like paper or appreciate it! The gifts get opened one by one and mine keeps getting passed- which makes me even a little more nervous- but finally 2nd to last mine it opened. Comments start to come in about the wrapping (that is for another blog- but i also love to wrap gifts) and then she opens the boxes of stationery and she is thrilled- I really think that she loved seeing her new name in print. All the women at the shower thought that this was such a special idea and that it was incredibly thoughtful. I don't think anyone expects to get paper at a shower, but I think that it is such a great gift for a bride and it is a gift they can use for the years to come!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My life in Paper

My name is Roseann and I am addicted to paper. Ok ok it isn't quite this bad but I do have a deep love for paper. After college I had a 9-5 job working in downtown Atlanta, sitting at a desk, and being bored most days. Through a series of events, including a bad break up, I decided to quit my job and just figure out what I love. The next day a sign went up close to my house that said a new Paper Affair was coming in- I called, was hired, and the love for paper was started. I thought at the time this would be a part time thing in between jobs but after the first day I knew I had found something that I really felt excited and passionate about. I started at Paper Affair as a typesetter and quickly moved up the chain. I found that I really love life events and helping people celebrate. There is nothing more exciting than a bride coming in and needing your guidance in what she needs Or a soon-to-be mom needing to find a birth announcement and talking to them about how excited they are about their new baby. You become a part of the process and the celebration with your customers and when you see the final product there is part of you that is just as proud as they are. Part of my job that came along with being a manager was buying. Picking paper for the store is what I loved, and there is nothing better than seeing what you pick sell! (Do you see where I am going with this...) I also started dating a boy who lived in Texas and was finishing law school. I felt like I was ready for another change so I packed up and moved to Dallas. I worked for Ralph Lauren in Home and Ladies sales where I really feel like I learned how to competitvely sell. I only lasted 6 months and I was browsing Facebook and saw a page for my favorite rep group in Atlanta- Daniel Richards- and I clicked and the about me said : OPENING IN DALLAS JAN. 2009. I just knew that this was the next step. After buying at Paper Affair I wanted to be a rep- I wanted to focus on selling products than help stores and guiding people in trends. So I made some calls, sent some emails, got my interview with Dan, and got my job.
Looking back it is so clear to see that everything that happened - the good, the bad, and the really bad- HAD to happen for me to be here and for me to have figured out what I love in life and what my passion really is. It hasn't been easy, and the road to get here has been filled with so many challenges but I am so happy that I took the risks, and made the choices even though I had no idea how they would end up. Ok, ok that is is it about me- time to move on to the next blog...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything is BIGGER in Texas...

On Saturday I had my first Adult experience at The Texas State Fair and let me tell you something- everything really is bigger in Texas! I have been to the fair once when I was a kid- I think it was somewhere around the 6th grade- and my memories are vague and really the only thing I remember are lots of pigs and sandart. Going to the fair as an adult is very different then being a kid- first off I don't remember all the fried food! Our lovely friends Davis and Ashley are fair veterans and have an order they go in every year based on food. Matt and I started with a famous Fletchers Corn Dog. It was pretty good I have to admit and the lines to get them were equally as impressive. Have I mentioned that everything at the fair is fried? (At least everything worth eating!) The new fried food at the fair this year was fried butter. I decided due to my stomach bug last week it was not in my bodies best interest to follow up a corn dog with friend butter. Luckily my friends did partake in the fried butter and I photographed. The butter was sort of like dough and looked delicious!
The other highlight from the fair was Oprah. Now I did not see the talk show queen herself, but her crew was everywhere with a police escort- so they weren't too hard to miss! They were in the corndog line with us and in the Midway. It seemed like they were getting some shots for the show and learning the fair before Oprah got there! I tried so hard just to get a picture of their badge, but I didn't want to be that blogger asking them for their photo so I did the best run by shot that I could do!The Midway was also pretty impressive. I have to say that I did not ride any rides except the sky boxes. When I was younger I enjoyed have the crap scared out of me, but the older I get the less appealing it is. I now think I know why my parents did not let us ride 95% of the rides when we were kids... enough said!All-in-all the fair was a great day! I was thankful to be with our good friends who knew where to go and most importantly- what to eat!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Next Right Thing....

There was a day when I was living in Marietta and I was shopping with my Mom and I saw the Vietri Perle glassware in Aqua- I was in love. I shop- a lot- but there is this feeling I get when I know what I have found is perfect and I know that I don't need to look any further because I have found what I am looking for- that is how I felt when I saw these glasses. Aqua is not necessarily the most traditional, but I know I love Aqua- and I know I will love Aqua 25 years from now (assuming these glasses make it through dinner parties alive!) These glasses can take a normal table setting and truley make is special, and I really think these glasses are a conversation piece.
Lets fast forward two years. I was in a fantastic store in Tyler Texas and I saw these fantastic line, Juliska, and thinking back I think I have seen it before but for some reason on this Thursday Morning it clicked and I had this feeling that I have found something for me. I had my appointments, headed back to Dallas and immediately got online so that I could see the whole line, and now I am obsessed. I love it- the Amalia Champagne flutes are to die for, and the cake stands are a piece of art. What I love so much about this is that it is delicate, but it has style. This is not your typical Wedding Waterford but, like the Vietri glasses, this is something that will be incredible in 20 years. I think that, especially when it comes to Fine China and glassware, it is easy to get caught in traditional classics, but why not get something that fits you even if it has some color or a simple pattern? Both Vietri and Juliska have great tableware, glassware, and linens that can stay with you a lifetime, or until you decide you have found the next right thing.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here comes the bride...

Well not quite yet for me anyways, BUT I do remember the first time I saw AB Design Frames- It was 2007 and I was at the Atlanta Gift Show and we came across them in the temporaries- I think Jamie, Elizabeth and I were instantly in love. I also remember seeing these frames and thinking if I was married I would want one with a picture from the big day in one of these frames. Well, I couldn't wait any longer (and neither should you!), this is now my go-to Wedding present because I think they are as special as the moment you are capturing. I pick a white frame and then try and pick a ribbon in what the wedding colors are to truly make it personalized and special. Ab Designs are made here in the USA in Lafayette, LA and they are completely custom to your order. Want a monogrammed brooch? No problem- ABD monograms initials along with words. There are hundreds of brooches and plenty of ribbon and wood to find something for everyone!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just when you thought packing tape was boring...

...the creators over at Tapswell go and completely reinvent themselves! How how cool! Tapeswell is a line that we found during the New York Stationery show and it has proved to be the hit that we all knew it would be. I think my first question was-Why has this never been done? Well it has been done now and it is extremely cute. I think Tapeswell forces you to want to think outside of the "box" and I dont just mean packing box. The labels are adorable for everyday use as well, doesn't it almost make you want to hit up that hall closet and get it organized? Use the cute labels and tape and it will look adorable sitting in storage! Starting to perserve your summer fruits and veggies? Use the labels and give them to your neighbors! Have you moved to Dallas and need to send gifts to your 4 yr. old neice in Atlanta so that you can stay the #1 Aunt? Pack the boxes in Tapeswell and it will make her that much more excited! What about your crafty friend that is hard to shop for? Tapswell also sells in a tin so you can give it as a cute gift! The Daily Grommet just had a feature video check it out! Find your closest Tapeswell store and stock up for the Holiday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Support the Ladies!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Most people are in someway touched by this disease that will kill an estimated 40,000 women this year, and an estimated 190,000 women will be diagnosed this year. The good news is that medical advances are allowing women to live longer lives and the 5 year survival rate is 89%. Who is at risk for breast cancer? Everyone. What can you do to protect yourself? If you are at a high risk, have genetic testing done to see if you have the mutated gene, DO your self exam check, and get yearly mammograms. Obviously research is what is key to finding a cure and saving the lives of mothers, sisters, and friends. How can your support breast cancer research? Shop! Almost every store you go into in the month of October is going to have some sort of "think pink" display- buy from it! Grab a card from Amy Smyth and send it to your friend that has beat breast cancer- just so she know that you support her. AB Designs is doing a beautiful frame this month that would be awesome for a group picture for the 3day walks. Most companies will donate a part of the proceed towards breast cancer research so that we come closer to finding a cure!

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