Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012


Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, and very Loved 2012! Cheers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Constructing a Card

Hi friends! I can't believe it is almost Christmas (and that I haven't blogged in a month!) We have a lot of exciting new lines coming in 2012 and I thought I would share the first of many new posts to come! R. Nichols is one of the cutest stationery and card lines out there. Nick starts every card by cutting out all of the pieces from construction paper and then assembling the cards- and he doesn't miss a detail! I loved seeing the originals and all the detail he puts into the cards! The use of bright colors, cities, dogs, and iconic figures is a sure bet to be hugely popular with customers!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Merry

And by "Be" I mean Cinda B. Wow talk about a line that has grown tremendously for me this year! I love Cinda B- it is the perfect gift for someone who has everything or loves to travel. I love that Cinda B is water proof, machine washable and stain resistant so you dont have to worry about it looking worn after a few uses (also makes it great for Moms!) I also love that Cinda B is made here in the USA! All the bags are also monogrammable! These are my favorite items for this Holiday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Cards I love

Good Morning! Who is ready for Thanksgiving this week? I am making my pumpkin bread tonight for my Pumpkin Bread Pudding I am bringing! I have had a difficult time this year making a decision on a Christmas card. I love a good card card- no photo. Here are the cards that I love this year!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It would be a shame if I didn't mention for Christmas. They have such cute designs for digital Christmas cards (even though I still prefer the old stick your picture on kind). I think if you have small kids or work all the time getting your cards online is easier and makes sense! I love how many of the designs are mostly picture (just in case someone wants to hang on to it!) Here are my favorite designs from!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monogram Monday

Happy Halloween!! Still have pumpkins sitting on your front porch needing to be carved? I love these monogrammed pumpkins- such a chic way to be festive! Or are you like me and do you hate the gutting of the pumpkins so you'd rather them sit there? Then paint your monogram on and if you are up to it add some glitter! I hope everyone has a spooktacular day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Amazing Calligraphy

I have been researching calligraphy a bit lately because I would like to use a little in our wedding invitation and for a couple other details at the wedding! Have you ever looked at Bernard Maisner's Calligraphy? If not, do. He is amazing- an true artist of penmanship and his designs are incredible. Unfortunately he also comes with a hefty price tag- 8 hand engraved cards are about $100. Not in your budget? Check out these awesome Bernard Maisner cards from Jonathan Wright- they are letteredpressed and incredible- and retail for about $7 a card!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monogram Monday


Happy Monday! Have you started to think about Christmas shopping yet? If you want a great personalized gift- I love monogrammed necklaces! I have wanted one for a long time and once I am officially a Mrs. I think I am going to splurge on one for myself (hint, hint, wink, wink Matt). I think that the large monograms make a great statement piece, but I also love the small initials if you want to wear your kids close to your heart or just need a little something!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think Different

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life" -Steve Jobs

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monogram Monday

{All images through Pintrest}

Wow- is it really October? It must be because all of the stores are moving through Halloween and starting to put out Christmas. Have you started to Christmas shop yet? I have not but I have come up with some ideas for Christmas wrap. Christmas wrapping paper can get very cheesy very quickly- I love these simple papers with the monogram tags. These are great DIY projects that are super simple but make a big impact!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newest Obsession

{Some of my favorite flower pins from pintrest}

I am sure that many of you have caught on to the latest "it" site for social media- Pintrest. I love love love Pintrest. It is such a great place to get ideas and find inspiration. When it comes to wedding planning and "seeing the big picture" it has been extremely helpful! There are so many helpful and useful blogs out there that we are all now connected to through Pintrest. I also love Pintrest for recipes, fashion and home decor!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monogram Monday

{photo courtesy of Lifeguard Press via Facebook}

I have been meaning to post this all summer but better late than never! I love these monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer acrylic wine glasses! This is actually something very simple that can be done with anything acrylic- they are vinyl letters that are cute to size and then stuck on the glasses- SO CUTE! If Lilly P isn't your thing this could be a very cute project to do on any acrylic glasses!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Did this week fly by or what? The weather has finally cooled down here in Texas (though I am sure it will get hot again!) and I am looking forward to a weekend without a whole lot going on (don't you love those?!) I thought I would share some awesome Calendars for 2012 from Smock Paper. I love year at a glace calendars because it feels like I am always planning a month a time. These letterpress calendars retail for under $10 and will make a great colorful addition to your pegboard!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's in a Flame Stitch?


How many of you missed out on Missoni Home for Target like me? 4 locations before 10:30 am and nothing.... oh well I am moving on! There is so much out there right now in Flame Stitch right now that there is plenty of other goodies to buy! Personally the purple flame stitch phone cover and Umbrella are my favorites items from Jonathan Adler this season! I also love the Flame Stitch pillow from JA. Needing a less expensive alternative? Check out the bedding from Urban Outfitters- just as cute as the MHFT that we missed!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you have yours yet?

Your 2012 Karen Adams Calendars? The stores are getting shipments daily and they ran out before Christmas last year so plan ahead! Just need a refill? No worries- the stores have those too!! This calendar makes the best gift for your friends, family, neighbors, and teachers- there really isn't a person who doesn't love these!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Lulalu is one of the many interesting lines that I saw while at NYIGF last month. Lulalu is redesigned Mayfair Lane brand of clips that so many of you love. I was a little skeptical when I first heard that they were redesigning the clip but then I saw them in person and loved it! Lulalu are great circular clips that have a nonsticky grip that stick to stainless steel fridges! They come in 12 bright solid colors so you can mix and match (awesome for school colors!) They also have some super cute notepads that also have the grip on the back! Look for these in all your stores in the coming months!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sugarboo Stationery

{Cards on BHLDN}

Aren't the graphics on these cards great? These are from the line Sugarboo Designs who are known for their amazing frames and art but have now gotten into stationery. These little cards are a steal since they retail for around $2.00 a piece and are perfect to add to any gift to include your sweet message!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rent The Runway Cont.

If you follow my blog you may remember me talking a while back about the website Rent the Runway. Last weekend I had my first opportunity to use the website and I have to say it was awesome! We were going to a black tie wedding in Austin, TX and I had worn everything in my closet on more than one occasion so I thought I would give it a whirl- I loved it!!! I wore an emerald green floor length Bagley Mischka $600 gown and I only spent $50 on it (I had a $50 gift certificate to the site). They delivered the gown to my hotel in Austin and they sent an additional size (which is what I ended up wearing!) After the wedding I just stuck the dresses in a USPS prepaid envelope and off the dress went!! It was seamless and I would totally use them again!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you a Sloanie?

{All pieces can be found at Swoozies}

I thought I would give a more official post on Sloane Ranger now that the larger pieces are hitting the stores! Sloane Ranger has the cutest patterns in the most practical shapes! I love The duffle, The tote, and the crossbody bag! What I think is so great about Sloane Ranger is that it really knows no age- I think that the tote is great for mom's on the go as well as college kids and even down to a very cute preschooler bag! The duffle is great for tweens but could also be a very stylish gym bag! This line is going to be very very hot for Christmas- plan ahead so you don't miss out!!

Cie Luxe

I just stopped by a great store in McKinney to drop off a catalog for the awesome soap line Cie Luxe. Savon de Marseille is bold, bright, smells wonderful, and makes a statement in anyone home. Even better yet, Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed them on GOOP which must make it amazing! Martha Stewart also features them regularly in Martha Stewart Living.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monogram Monday

Since I missed Monogram Monday last week I am doing a double header today! Moving right along with the back to school theme for this Monday I thought I would feature some adorable Children's stationery. Believe it or not kids love to write thank you notes (for the most part) and what better way to keep them excited than by getting super cute notes for them. All of these notes are part of the English Paper Company and can be found from or your local stationery store!

Monogram Monday

In honor of kids going back to school today I thought I would post some very cute back-to-school items that are all must haves from Garnet Hill. I am a big fan of using kids initials on their school bags and lunchboxes- they are much tougher to get confused and/or stolen when you know exactly who it belongs too! Be careful when using their full name on any items that they carry regularly since it makes them a target for stranger danger (and I don't even have children!!) I love all the back to school items on Garnet Hill. My sister bought my niece's back pack there last year and it still looks good! They have a great special running through September 6- if you buy a back pack you get a lunch box free!

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