Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where it all began...

Today I am going to feature my first store and, as it should be, it is the store where I got my start, Paper Affair- East Cobb. When I started this "part-time" job little did I know how much I would grow to love not only this store, but the industry in general. Paper Affairs in East Cobb and Sandy Spring are owned by Jamie Vecsey, a dear friend and my one time boss. What I love about these stores is that they will go out of their way to make sure that you are taken care of- SO huge when it comes to lifetime events! If you don't see what you are looking for they will either find it, or create it...so basically you can rest assure that you are going to leave there with your invitation "vision." During my time at PA, I can honestly say that I loved going to work. I loved helping with the buys and working with "my" customers. When UPS would come it would feel like Christmas with the excitement of opening the boxes and seeing what great merchandise was coming our way. When I was home for Easter I stopped by the store and snapped some quick shots of all their goodies of the moment- and some of my favs! They had a great selection of Lily Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler for your mothers day gifts and graduation- along with bright Vera Bradley! They had tons of Mixed Bags and all the displays just made me want to buy (which really doesn't say much but seriously the store looked good!)

I really would not be where I am today without this store and the opportunities that I had working for Jamie! Check out both of her locations in Sandy Springs and East Cobb. Also, become a fan on facebook to stay up to date with the store happenings!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I thought that with today being Earth Day I should feature one of the hottest green lines out there, Ecosource. Ecosource was started last year out of Decatur, Georgia, by Chuck and Chad, with the simple idea of making a green gift. There are a variety of plants that come in a rice hull pot and are all packaged adorably with ribbon. The rice hull pot only has a 5 year life span so after your gift is done growing instead of throwing it away you can just plant it in your garden! What a great idea!!! The Christmas line was in such demand last year that we sold through it...twice! In the spring line the introduction of the Grown Kits have been so successful. There are 10 varieties of plants and flowers that come in a a great tin cylinder. Everything you need is in there except water and sunlight (can you say great summer project for kids?!) I also loved the new culinary collection that they introduced this spring. I think that the Edible Flowers and Heirloom Tomatoes make awesome for Mother Day and Fathers Day. Everything in Ecosource is adorable and a must have for any store this spring and Holiday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Happy Administrative Assistants day! Admins are usually the core of most offices. There are many men (and women) across the country who depend on their Admins to run their professional lives (as well as part of their personal.) In my other life, before paper, I was an admin for a short period of time and let me tell you something- it is tough! You have to have a patience that I do not have! So treat your Admins today! Take them to lunch, bring them flowers, and get them a gift that lets them know that you appreciate them and their hard work!!! I love love love all the new Jonathan Adler desk accessories! I think that they can not only update your desk, but also brighten your day with sayings like "Dress up like a background dancer" and "OVERTIP!". I think that the ipod desk caddy is a must have for every college dorm room this fall. And if your admin loves clever gifts you have to get her some of the salt and pepper shaker! Check out my favs from JA!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the unpractical

I love to cook. Even more than I love to cook is my love for buying cooking related items. I love to give the unpractical, but insanely cute cooking gift. I was in a store in Waco and they had a table full of things I never knew I needed to give as gifts. From cute ice cream scoops to clever mixing cups, there were even salt and pepper grinders that were mini and stuck to the fidge (now who doesn't need those?!) Obviously these are not gifts that someone is going to carry with them for a life time (who knows maybe they are) but they make people smile and say "how cute?!" I hope all of these items make you think "How Cute!" (and if you are the recipient of these from me just fake like you have never seen them before when I give them to you!)

{Top to bottom: Cheese Knives, uncommongoods.com; Picnic Table condiment server, uncommongoods.com; Teacupcakes, Paper-Source; Babushka measuring cups, Paper-Source}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You use to be a water bottle?!

That's right folks, these pillows by Alexandra Ferguson use to be a water bottle. The felt is made from recycled water bottles, so on top of being incredibly cute they are also eco friendly! I first saw this line at NYIGF in January (after feeling like I had walked for days...) and finally we found a line that was worth stopping for. I love throw pillows and I think that you can never have too many. What I love about Alexandra's is that they can be super edgy but she also has the sophisticated initials which really makes there be something for everyone. What I love about throw pillows in stores is that it can be an unexpected gift but (and more importantly) it can be that "pick it up because i love it so much" purchase for the customer (on top of getting the gift that they came in for!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Million Dollar Question

What a paper chat fest I have had over the last 24 hours. As many of you know the Dallas based manufacturer, Cross My Heart, closed their doors yesterday and is filing bankruptcy. This could be a direct effect of the money that they were owed by Swoozie's and declining sales for the company over the past few years. I knew that once Swoozie's filed it was only a matter of time before this started to happen. Last year was a tough enough year for manufacturers and then top it off with your biggest customer closing... disaster. CMH closing really makes me sad for all the people who have depended on this business for so many years. Stores have depended on them for great designs and to be their "go-to" line when a customer needs an item that is not on the shelf. Rosanne Beck, the owner of Cross My Heart, had some of the best hand drawn invites out there- and those are going to be very very missed.
Last night I was chatting it up with a Stationery friend about the recent events with Swoozies, Sweet Pea, Prints Well, and now CMH. After speculating who is next in line, she asked me, "The Million Dollar Question" which is "What can good people (manf./reps/retailers) do to help each other out?" I have now had about 12 hours to really think about this question and I think it is a valid one. When all this crazy Swoozie's trickle down is over there are going to be some big players out of the game and how do we move forward from here being better and stronger than before? The only thing that I keep thinking about is The Golden Rule. If you treat others how you want to be treated shouldn't you come out on top? Stop and really think about that. I could list 1,000,000 reasons how this should apply to certain people in this business (I like my job too much to name names!) I just think that everyone has to think more about their business and their customer relations. Oh times they are a changin'!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Is anyone else obsessed with the new program Life? I really am not sure why I feel so fascinated with this program- maybe because Oprah is narrating? Maybe because Matt bought a huge HD TV so it feels like I am there? Either way we have been glued. Last night was the episode "The Deep Sea" To me it was incredible. I love the ocean, and I love beach decor. In Texas beach is not the most popular category (which makes me sad!) but last night I felt inspired. I love the light and airiness that the beach looks gives. I also love that beach can be bright and colorful or neutral. Personally I love seeing all the sea urchin inspired designs everywhere. I love the way glass sea urchins look- the texture is just amazing. I also am loving all the coral designs on the pillows. I think that those can really translate into non beach decor as well as something festive. All in all I love seeing the ocean decor in the stores...I think it is time for a beach trip!
{From Top to Bottom: Salt and Pepper shakers, Pottery Barn; Vase, Juliska; Pillows, Pottery Barn; Lily Pulitzer Note card, Lifeguard Press}


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