Friday, May 28, 2010

Just to clarify

I did not do this to Matt last week at the beach :) Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Wear Sunblock!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Obviously, if you are reading this, you know I write a gift blog. I pride myself as a great gift giver. I think about the person, and I usually have this "a ha!" moment when I know what they will love... Matt's Birthday is on Monday and I am stumped. Completely stumped. I have picked up a couple of things but nothing great. I'm not sure if it is because we have dated for a while, or because he really doesn't need anything but I am struggling. I think gifts for men are particularly difficult anyway. There are things I could buy him- like new sunglasses to replace the ones I bought him that fell overboard last week in Tampa- but really he needs to be there for that. If I had an endless budget I would get him this incredible TODS briefcase that I saw at Barney's awhile back (the one he carries now breaks my heart it is so beat it is being held together with medical tape...) I believe I have bought him clothes for 3 out of the last 6 gift giving events so that doesn't work. I need this to come together- and quickly. I am open to suggestions!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is what I'm talking about....

Last week I mentioned some of the highlights of the NSS, and I mentioned the Jonathan Adler Iphone cases. Well here they are! Talk about awesome! I love it when companies that I rep come out with an item that you know is going to be an easy sell and the stores are going to move lots of! I think that these will be some one of the hottest items that you will see this fall in stores, and especially Christmas! The designs are hip and the price will be under $25 retail... what more can you ask for?! And don't worry- Lily Pulitzer came out with them too! Something for everyone! I can't wait to get one!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past weekend Matt and I went down to Anna Maria Island for a quick getaway to visit a good friend of Matt's from Law school and his sweet fiancée. We left Thursday and got to Tampa... I must say Tampa impressed us! Great restaurants and cute shops that are all close to the beach, what more could you want?! We stayed the night in Tampa at Josh's new house- how cute! I brought them a little memento from Texas- a great little throw pillow that I found at The Gypsy Wagon- and it ended up working perfect in Josh's office! Friday we were off to the beach for lots of fun, sun, and food. Saturday we went out on the boat and saw more than you can imagine (we spent and hour or two or six at "sausage island".... use your imagination). Later in the afternoon everyone, but me, took a tun on the tube... I am a wimp and got scared... needless to say it was a great weekend! Now back to work....
Matt and I trying to take a picture of ourselves...always a bad idea....

Cute Josh and Rachel on the boat!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NSS rundown

Back from NSS and what a great time! I had a rough start- flight cancelled on Friday bc of bad weather in Dallas but I made it in time for dinner and drinks on Saturday! Sunday started a CRAZY day of taking orders at the Bella Ink booth! I had a couple of hours off to walk the show and saw some great releases from all my favorite vendors! I would say the thing I am most excited about are the Lifeguard Press ipod cases by Jonathan Adler and Lily Pulitzer. So hot! The Macbeth Collection also had some great new items included speakers, nesting boxes, and notepads! San Lori also had a great Christmas release that I can't wait to get my hands on! All-in-all I would say the show was a success and I had a blast at Bella Ink! I am headed to the beach for some R&R before the crazy Christmas season starts! Have a great week!

{Kristen and Designer Melissa Danaher of Bella Ink}

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sneak Peak

To follow up yesterdays blog, I am headed to NYC this coming weekend for The National Stationery Show. I love NSS! It is a time for the stationery industry to unite- retailers, manufacturers, and sales reps. You get to meet great people from all over the country who all have one thing in common- paper! This year I am going to be working for the fabulous Bella Ink Designs. My new deck came this morning and in the words of Rachel Zoe, "Literally- I die" Seriously though it is a fantastic release and I a little sneak preview to get you excited! Come visit Bella Ink and check is all out at NSS booth 2448!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Met

I am not sure that I have ever been more ready for a Friday to come! I am leaving Friday for NYC for the National Stationery Show (NSS). The show starts on Sunday and I will be working at the Bella Ink Design booth Monday and Tuesday! I am thrilled to see everything new...and more thrilled to get it in my hands to start selling! Saturday will be my only day to just enjoy NYC with my two best girlfriends from High school who both now live in New York (yes I am so jealous!) Saturday we are going to mix up our usual NYC activity which is eat, shop, eat, shop, eat, drink. We are headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the exhibits Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. Both should be incredible. One thing I also look forward to is hitting up the gift shop at the Museum for posters. I love collecting posters from exhibits that I visit. I have one from a Picasso exhibit I went to in Atlanta probably 15 years ago. There is something about Museum posters that just make a poster feel a little more authentic. Of course I had to scope out what they have online at The Met gift shop! Here are the front runners!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Name Change

Of my blog that is! When I started this blog it was really just an impulsive decision after months of wanting to start blogging. I was put on the spot for picking a name and in my uncreative impulsive nature I went with something practical and safe. Not that "Rosie Snow on the Road" isn't practical but it is a little cuter :) I hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend! I am baking a snickerdoodle cake for tomorrow and enjoying my time at home since this will be one of the few weekends I won't be traveling from now until July 4th... seriously!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Cha cha cha

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I thought I would just say a little something today... 3 years ago I spent 2 months abroad in Mexico and had the best time. The people were wonderful along with the cuisine! The culture there is so lively and everything they do involves lots of color! The art was incredibly inspiring. From Folk art to huge Diego Rivera murals art was everywhere! Today I have just a few favorite Mexican Art inspired gifts!

{Art from Direct From Mexico; Books by Taschen}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Oooh-Ohhh (yes I am singing Queen... ok back on track) My blog today is dedicated to my Momma since Sunday will be Mothers Day and I will be here in Dallas and not with her in Atlanta. If you know my Mom you know that she has never been in a store where she can't find anything to buy...the woman likes to S H O P. One of my favorite stories is when my parents were first married they went and met with a financial advisor who asked "So Joan, where do you see your future investments?" My Dad answered "In Nick-Nacks..." That about sums up my mom. My Mom is one of the most creative people I know and she is always working on her next project from Gardening to home renovations to painting- she always has something beautiful going on. Last year for Mothers Day I had two rose bushes sent to her from Tyler, Texas (the rose capital of the you didn't know that one?!) for her garden. This year I am working on something good that I can not disclose just in case she actually remembers to read my blog! One of my Mom's favorite webstites is Wisteria, so here are some of my favorites for Joan! Happy Mothers Day Momma!


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