Thursday, September 2, 2010

Delivery Men and A Dilemma

***this is a rant and you have been warned...I promise not to make this a habit***

I am in a dilemma. As most of your know, when I am not on the road, I work from home. My home is a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath 1200 sqft. apartment in the Uptown part of Dallas. Most people who live in our building do not work from home ( I promise I am going somewhere with this but I feel like I need to give as many details as possible because I don't want to feel like the bad guy at the end.) Our building does not have a leasing office in it- which is actually something i love about our building. The leasing office that manages our building is 3 blocks away. With this job I get a lot of packages. When the package is signature required if I'm not home it get dropped up at our leasing office. Ok, here is the dilemma. On Monday I knew that my purse from Gilt was suppose to arrive, and I know that UPS comes around 3:30 so I scheduled my WHOLE day around being back by 3pm so I wouldn't miss the purse. I get to working and sending emails and when I look down at the clock it is 5pm and no purse. I go and check the UPS update on my email and it says "delivered". I can't tell you how angry I felt. By the time I made it up to the leasing office they had left for the day. Now rewind to last Friday. I am sitting here around 5:00 and I hear the FEDEX guy around the hall delivering packages and I hear him stop in front of my door. He knocks. I go to the door. No package. No note. No FEDEX guy. I run down the stairs like a crazy person screaming "HELLO!? HELLO?!" and I see his truck drive off. UGH... Now it is Tuesday morning at like 10:01 am and I go up to the leasing office to collect my purse, and expecting to get my FEDEX package. The purse is there and in bad shape. Basically the box is opened and looks like it was punted into the leasing office. No FEDEX package. I call our Oklahoma rep and ask what came through FEDEX so I can figure out who to get a tracking number from to see where this package is. Long story short after calling FEDEX- it was delivered to my neighbors, and was actually still out in front of their door FOR 5 DAYS. So my FEDEX guy knocked on my door but had left the package 3 doors down?! How lazy and unprofessional that you couldn't just bring it to me. How was I to know?!

Both my FEDEX and UPS guys do not leave me notes that there is something signature required at the office NOR do they even try to deliver it to me. VERY FRUSTRATING. I realize that most people in my building aren't home during the day, and I'm not always here either BUT at least try me! And if I'm not here, PLEASE leave me a note to let me know something is up at the front office. I can't tell you how many times I've gone up there to grab what I think is one package and it be multiple packages that have been sitting there for who knows how long?!

How do I handle this? Do I approach them both or just go to their manager? Let me know what you would do!

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  1. This is FedexAl. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Would you like for me to follow up on this for you?



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