Friday, December 6, 2013


Today is a beautiful ice day here in Dallas. The temps changed over 50 degrees this week- just craziness I tell you... I thought I would share a couple of my recent beauty purchases that I am now obsessed with.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a hoarder of many things- especially curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers. Well my friends those days are over. I recently purchased a Babylis hair dryer and my hair is forever grateful. My thick, fine, curly hair is now smooth and shiny and the ends aren't splitting with every use. Worth. Every. Penny.

 Yesterday I went to the dermatologist (my favorite doctor to visit!) because my Rosacea has been really bothering me. She recommended I use Cerave moisturizer and I have to tell you in 24 hours my skin feels almost 100% healed. Miracle worker in a tub for $18.

 One last product that I am now also hooked onto is Blinc Mascara. I LOVE this product for everyday use- it doesn't coat your lashes like regular mascara- it tubes them and is SUPER easy to remove. Now it doesn't give you lashes that look fake but it gives plenty of coverage for everyday use and when you wash your face at night the tubes just wash away so no dark eye circle.

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