Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trend Report: Green is go

At least according to my morning email from Neimans- who taunts me with beautiful things I can't afford but love to look at anyway! This dress is killer- when I loose 45 lbs I will treat myself to it (just kidding about the 45 lbs... 10 would probably do the trick) Totally agree with a darker green though for the fall! So chic!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Little trip to Houston

Now most people from Dallas hate Houston, and most people from Houston hate Dallas. I am not one of these people,and I in fact love Houston. We were there this past weekend for a wedding and I forced my Dad and Matt to take me to the store Kuhl-Linscomb. I have met this group a couple of times at market and read about their store in a few write ups so I wanted to see if it was as great as they say, and you know what? IT WAS AMAZING. If you are ever in Houston you MUST go to this store (And if you aren't going to Houston anytime soon plan a trip to go just to see this store...seriously it is that awesome!) There are 5 buildings that make up Kuhl-Linscomb. The main store is gift, stationery, candles, books, bags, and more! I know that the team of buyers put a lot of thought and effort into finding original items and best sellers. (A note: They sell some of the finest brands of glasses and sunglasses around: think Tods and Tom Ford (a note inside a note: I have a pair of Tom Fords which caused an on going argument with Matt about why I needed these glasses but that story is for another day...)) When you walk out the back door and follow the map you are led into a building that is all Table Top- if I wasn't with Matt and my Dad I would have spent hours in there! Then you go into Childrens, Bath, Bedding, Kitchen, Furniture and Lamps. Really you could come to Kuhl-Linscomb and get everything you need to live except your groceries! They have the best brands in the every department, and the orginallity is seeping in everything they do. What I loved best about this store is that you didn't feel like there was an ounce of snootiness. Everyone, in every department, was cool and hip and helpful. Even my Dad and Matt were impressed by this store, that has to say something!!!

BBQ Shower

Back in the good ole days when I ran the PA and had bridal showers and baby showers on my mind 24/7 it was very easy to get creative and think about ways to make parties great. Matt's good friend is getting married in October and he is helping host, along with 9 other people in the bridal party, a shower for the couple! They have decided to host a BBQ shower and since I have the paper hook up they let me pick the invite! It was a very quick choice- this adorable invite from Paper Belle! I love the pig and since this is a co-ed hosted shower it doesn't come off girly or masculine! BBQ showers are a great summer shower. They can be outside, are easy to decorate for, and you can feed a lot of people on a limited budget! Add some sunflowers and a signature drink and you have yourself a great party!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monogram Me

Why have I not written this blog 100 times by now? Monogramming is such an important string in the industry that it just doesn't seem right that I haven't talked about it. So now I may talk about it for several blogs (bear with me.) I am drinking coffee right now and reading my morning blog circuit and I stumbled across a website that has monogram bags that are too cute, Queen Bea Studio. I think the half moon tote in navy and white has such a chic summer look that could be pulled off during the day or night. I also love the little canvas makeup bag with the single initial- what a great bridesmaid gift! The striped canvas tote with the brown piping and monogram takes the cake for me- i love that color combo! How cute would that be at the pool? Or heading to the gym? Or a carry-on bag? This line is awesome- check it out!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tips from me to you

Hello All! I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus! June was a fantastic month for me- I turned 27, my family came to visit, Dallas Market consumed 10 days, and then Matt and I went to DC for the 4th of July. On top of all of that I have had some great appointments! In the world of retail you kind of do Christmas all year since it is such an important part of the year for making money. I feel like we are in for a good Christmas, maybe not a 2007 Christmas, but a solid and good Christmas. I have stores looking for guidance and suggestions from me regularly. I would say my number one piece of advice this year is buy deep and get it in early. I know that times are challenging but if you don't have it you can't sell it. Don't wait because I will say that most of my stores looked like they had been robbed 2 weeks before Christmas and many were scrambling to try to get more product and lots were sold out. Also make sure you watch your price points. If your prices get too high people get sticker shock and won't buy, BUT if your price point gets too low you start in the hole and have to sell twice the product. If you live in Dallas, make sure you plan for more product POST partners card! Don't kill your sales by being empty before the season has already started! I think that my stores are some of the best in the country and I really can't wait to see what the season holds for us!

Razzle Dazzle

This is one of our newest lines and had a FANTASTIC response at Market! Chocolate Bars, Journals, Photo Albums, gift tags and more, all with a vintage look that has been blinged out! The Chocolate is an 8oz bar of yummy milk chocolate that has the more unique look for Halloween and Christmas- how cute would these be at every place setting at Christmas dinner? The journals come spiral or composite and make for a great grab and go gift! The hand embellishing and vintage look makes this line so unique that it is a must have!!!

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