Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Football

Fall is in the air, well not really in Dallas, but it will be this weekend because I am attending my first University of Texas football game in Austin. I went to The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and football was a big deal but since I graduated I seem to care a little less about it every year. Even when I was in Athens I only went to 3 home games ever (don't worry I always made it to tailgate :) )I know that many people out there are die hard fans for their alma mater but honestly I am a fair weather fan... Now lets talk about my boyfriend Matt- he lives and breathes Texas football. Before I moved to Texas I really had no clue how big a deal not only College football is but High school football too! This weekend is super exciting for him so I am going to put on something orange (who knew that burnt orange was so hard to find!) and route for Matt's favorite team! I don't think I have ever featured anything collegiate because I think most of it is pretty cheesy but here are a couple of things Longhorns that make great gifts and are super cute for tailgate!

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