Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Term: Eco-Chic
Definition: a combination of trendiness and being environmentally conscious.

Eco-Chic is the new “it” term. For so many years people have been trying to be “green.” In the world of gift being green is all the trend right now because we have found out how to do it right. Before, being green felt like you had to sacrifice your personal style and find your inner bohemian... well that is not the case anymore. With all the Eco Chic lines out there these days it is tough to highlight my favorites!

Caldrea Soap and Cleaners seems to be staying incredibly popular- I have to admit I am addicted and it almost makes me want to clean when I use them (keyword:almost.) These products not only smell wonderful but they do not use ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, or petroleum- so they are safe to use around your family and pets with no worries of respiratory effects or skin irritations.

Reusable bags are all the rage as well- if you are looking for a cute line checkout Mixed Bags- they are awesome! I carry these into all my appointments packed full of paper and goodies and it amazes me just how strong they really are! These bags can be monogrammed easily or personalized with a vinyl sticker! They come in some really great patterns and the price point makes these an easy gift to give to anyone ($6.95-$14.95)

This Christmas expect to see a lot of Eco-Chic lines on the market- EcoSource has been an incredible success for us! The packaging is just as great as the bloom that you will get from the Bulb inside. They are packaged in “greenPots” made from Rice Hull and the pot is biodegradable so once the flower is done just plant it in its pot in the backyard and the whole thing will biodegrade (and if it gets cold enough you will have a lovely bloom next year!) Dan planted an Amaryllis as a tester and it turned out beautiful! (see photo below)

As far as baby gift goes I love these bottles by WeeGo. They are glass bottles (I know how old school) that are BPA free. They are covered in a bright silicone wrap (all non toxic and FDA approved) so that if they drop they are less likely to break. I love the idea of going back to glass and away from plastics! The colors are so bright too which will make them easy to find for those late night feedings!

With so many Eco-Chic lines out there now we have a great opportunity to be good stewards of our land, a thoughtful friend, and stylish!

Friday, August 21, 2009

3/50 Project

if you love your local stores- check this out and spread the word! Your shopping really can make a difference!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is my dearest friend, Kristen, working at the Mayfair Lane booth this week during the New York City Gift Show. I didn't attend the gift show, but I was at the NYC Stationery Show this past May and what a treat that was! Who knew so much paper was out there?!?! Mayfair Lane is a must have in every Stationery store. The clips are adorable and the best thing is that they stick to Stainless Steel (if you are a mom with a SS Fridge this is a MUST HAVE) Besides the Happez Clips, Mayfair Lane also does great notepads, picture frames, whiteboards, and my new favorite flashlight- when I get my sample there will be a Vlog about it because it really is that cool! Check out Mayfair Lane !!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zebra Zebra Everywhere

Let’s face it- Zebra is in and it is here to stay! It blows my mind just how popular the zebra pattern is and has been for the past year. It seems like every time I go into an appointment if it is Zebra I can walk out with a good sale under my belt. I think that what people love about Zebra, especially in Texas, is that it makes a statement. Case and point, the chair featured in the picture, without that in the room the room seemed so unfinished. I am not one generally for lots of animal print but the Zebra just worked. (Side note: that chair has been the topic of discussion between my BF Matt and I and just how long I will be able to keep that chair…)

There is so much Zebra out there that it is hard to pick just what I love the most but one of the front runners has to be Sharp and Sally Zebra note blocks and note cards. At most of my appointments when we come across Zebra in any line it is picked up quickly with no debate, and not because it is anything new but because it is what people continuously want. I think Zebra is also appealing because it knows no age. Zebra is just as appropriate for your girly five year old as it is for your sophisticated woman. From Swoozie’s to Neimans it really is everywhere. Zebra is also making quite the appearance in this years Christmas release. In Paperbelle’s Digital Album you have to love the square photo cards with the Zebra in 4 different colors! Whose kids don’t look even more adorable on a green or red zebra print ( perhaps Mr. Mabry will make his way on to a zebra card this year!)

Some other front runners in my favorite zebra are the Cross my Heart jot note pads in all the animal prints, anything in The Macbeth Collection in hot pink and green zebra, and I love the Whitney English Navy and Yellow Zebra note card because it just such a different look. To sum it up, Zebra has something for everyone and everyone needs to find something they love in it, because it isn’t going anywhere


KA Calendar Finder

Here is where you can find the Karen Adams Calendar across Texas

Paper Affair
St. Michael's Woman's Exchange
Write Selection

Fort Worth
Ps the Letter

East Texas
Louis Morgan- Longview

West Texas
Polka Dot Penguin- Wichita Falls

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh, Oh The Sweetest Thing

Karen Adams Calendar, and its success, really is amazing. People completely get it with this line- it is sweet, thoughtful, understated, and- most importantly- it glitters. This calendar makes every month a little more exciting. Stores who have brought this calendar in have already been placing reorders- smart Karen includes the rest of 2009 so you can get a jump start on sales and get people thinking about what to give this Holiday season. The Calendar sits on a beautiful brass or silver easel which looks fantastic on your desk. The icing on the cake you ask? Karen has already done the gift giving work for you by including the calendar and easel in a beautiful box tied with a satin ribbon- ready for your customer to give! So think big with this one, do you have a realtor looking for an end of the year thank you? What teacher, neighbor, mother, sister, or friend would not love to get this? Karen also sells a refill calendar so next year you can call back in this years customers!

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