Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Oooh-Ohhh (yes I am singing Queen... ok back on track) My blog today is dedicated to my Momma since Sunday will be Mothers Day and I will be here in Dallas and not with her in Atlanta. If you know my Mom you know that she has never been in a store where she can't find anything to buy...the woman likes to S H O P. One of my favorite stories is when my parents were first married they went and met with a financial advisor who asked "So Joan, where do you see your future investments?" My Dad answered "In Nick-Nacks..." That about sums up my mom. My Mom is one of the most creative people I know and she is always working on her next project from Gardening to home renovations to painting- she always has something beautiful going on. Last year for Mothers Day I had two rose bushes sent to her from Tyler, Texas (the rose capital of the world...bet you didn't know that one?!) for her garden. This year I am working on something good that I can not disclose just in case she actually remembers to read my blog! One of my Mom's favorite webstites is Wisteria, so here are some of my favorites for Joan! Happy Mothers Day Momma!


  1. Quick story about our mother.

    I was coming down the stairs and slipped and fell in some dog pee (mabry pee i believe) and fell down the stairs. I was ok but didn't get up right away. She came around the corner and looked very worried. Then I told her I slipped in pee, which I was now lying in. She tried not to laugh for at least 30 secs. until I told her she could.

    love you mom.

  2. i can't believe she could wait 30 secs! good story!



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