Monday, May 10, 2010

The Met

I am not sure that I have ever been more ready for a Friday to come! I am leaving Friday for NYC for the National Stationery Show (NSS). The show starts on Sunday and I will be working at the Bella Ink Design booth Monday and Tuesday! I am thrilled to see everything new...and more thrilled to get it in my hands to start selling! Saturday will be my only day to just enjoy NYC with my two best girlfriends from High school who both now live in New York (yes I am so jealous!) Saturday we are going to mix up our usual NYC activity which is eat, shop, eat, shop, eat, drink. We are headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the exhibits Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. Both should be incredible. One thing I also look forward to is hitting up the gift shop at the Museum for posters. I love collecting posters from exhibits that I visit. I have one from a Picasso exhibit I went to in Atlanta probably 15 years ago. There is something about Museum posters that just make a poster feel a little more authentic. Of course I had to scope out what they have online at The Met gift shop! Here are the front runners!!!

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