Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You use to be a water bottle?!

That's right folks, these pillows by Alexandra Ferguson use to be a water bottle. The felt is made from recycled water bottles, so on top of being incredibly cute they are also eco friendly! I first saw this line at NYIGF in January (after feeling like I had walked for days...) and finally we found a line that was worth stopping for. I love throw pillows and I think that you can never have too many. What I love about Alexandra's is that they can be super edgy but she also has the sophisticated initials which really makes there be something for everyone. What I love about throw pillows in stores is that it can be an unexpected gift but (and more importantly) it can be that "pick it up because i love it so much" purchase for the customer (on top of getting the gift that they came in for!)

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