Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Happy Administrative Assistants day! Admins are usually the core of most offices. There are many men (and women) across the country who depend on their Admins to run their professional lives (as well as part of their personal.) In my other life, before paper, I was an admin for a short period of time and let me tell you something- it is tough! You have to have a patience that I do not have! So treat your Admins today! Take them to lunch, bring them flowers, and get them a gift that lets them know that you appreciate them and their hard work!!! I love love love all the new Jonathan Adler desk accessories! I think that they can not only update your desk, but also brighten your day with sayings like "Dress up like a background dancer" and "OVERTIP!". I think that the ipod desk caddy is a must have for every college dorm room this fall. And if your admin loves clever gifts you have to get her some of the salt and pepper shaker! Check out my favs from JA!

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