Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I thought that with today being Earth Day I should feature one of the hottest green lines out there, Ecosource. Ecosource was started last year out of Decatur, Georgia, by Chuck and Chad, with the simple idea of making a green gift. There are a variety of plants that come in a rice hull pot and are all packaged adorably with ribbon. The rice hull pot only has a 5 year life span so after your gift is done growing instead of throwing it away you can just plant it in your garden! What a great idea!!! The Christmas line was in such demand last year that we sold through it...twice! In the spring line the introduction of the Grown Kits have been so successful. There are 10 varieties of plants and flowers that come in a a great tin cylinder. Everything you need is in there except water and sunlight (can you say great summer project for kids?!) I also loved the new culinary collection that they introduced this spring. I think that the Edible Flowers and Heirloom Tomatoes make awesome for Mother Day and Fathers Day. Everything in Ecosource is adorable and a must have for any store this spring and Holiday!

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