Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the unpractical

I love to cook. Even more than I love to cook is my love for buying cooking related items. I love to give the unpractical, but insanely cute cooking gift. I was in a store in Waco and they had a table full of things I never knew I needed to give as gifts. From cute ice cream scoops to clever mixing cups, there were even salt and pepper grinders that were mini and stuck to the fidge (now who doesn't need those?!) Obviously these are not gifts that someone is going to carry with them for a life time (who knows maybe they are) but they make people smile and say "how cute?!" I hope all of these items make you think "How Cute!" (and if you are the recipient of these from me just fake like you have never seen them before when I give them to you!)

{Top to bottom: Cheese Knives,; Picnic Table condiment server,; Teacupcakes, Paper-Source; Babushka measuring cups, Paper-Source}

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