Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On your Mark...

Get Set- Go! Ok the Atlanta Market started today and as I get ready for my 6:40am flight tomorrow to Atlanta with the temp being somewhere in the teens I felt that I should give some sort of market run down blog. I am a Dallas rep- why do I go to Atlanta? Well I am lucky to work for a showroom that has 3 locations which means that I do not loose sales when my customers go to other markets to write business. Why do my customers go anywhere besides Dallas? Atlanta is the end-all-be-all for merchandise. Crazy to know that almost everything that you see in every store in the country can all be bought out for the Americas Mart in Atlanta. When you are in the major city- or any city for that matter- it is important to find things that are unique and set you apart from other stores. Atlanta has a HUGE selection in the temporaries which allow stores to find things that have not been picked up by a rep group yet and it probably doesn't have major exposure. Atlanta market vs. Dallas Market? I think this comes down to personal preference. Atlanta is exhausting but worth it. Dallas has all major lines and a good variety and it has parking. I have stores that think Atlanta is a must and they do it twice a year- and I have great stores that only come to the Dallas market... so it really is a coin toss. What new lines will daniel*richards have at Market? For Dallas we have picked up some fantastic new paper and gift lines! Bella Ink, San Lori, Mara-Mi, Tart Paperie, Lillibands, New York Puzzle Company, Best of Chums, Rock of Ages, and Sourcebooks! Atlanta will have Best of Chums, Rub-a-dub-dub, Tina Givens Paper and more!!! I hope that everyone has safe travels no matter what market you attend!

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  1. Hi Roseann! This is Amanda with Tart Paperie. Will you be in Dallas? I will be at market by 1 and can't wait to meet you if you're there!



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