Monday, January 4, 2010

It's January, now what?

As most people head back to work today I am sitting here with my beloved dog thinking to myself "That was it?" Don't get me wrong I had a fabulous vacation. Mabry (the beloved Bassedor) and I drove to Atlanta for 7 non-stop, fun packed, kid screaming, dog barking, door slamming days at my parents house. I cooked 2 lasagnas, 1 mac'c'cheese, 1 breakfast casserole, and did and h'dourves spread- to say I was exhausted is an understatement. Time with my family is precious to me now that I have moved away and having everyone together creates memories that I will cherish forever... I do feel a little bit of "Holiday Time Planning Depression" (yes I just made that up) but really I have spent months thinking about gifts to give, people to invite over, what I am going to cook... and now it is done and we have moved on to January... so now what? Don't worry I do have PLENTY to keep me busy ( 2 markets in 2 weeks, and a trip to NYC for the Gift Show) but I miss the idea of having my friends together. Luckily for them I received 2 new cook books for Christmas (and I bought 2 for myself along the way!) My friends all know, and love, that my second passion to gift is cooking. My wonderful friend Ellet gave Matt and I the beautiful cookbook Neiman Marcus Taste by Kevin Garvin. This book's pictures are as wonderful as the recipes. I think that a cookbook is such a wonderful gift for friends who cook, or such a great gift to bring with you as a Hostess Gift. Matt was looking though the pages asking me if I can make this and that for him! So in January I will have my sweet friends over and I will use the great Cookbook they gave me to throw a dinner party- and my "Holiday Time Planning Depression" is over! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday and best wishes in 2010!

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