Thursday, October 22, 2009

My life in Paper

My name is Roseann and I am addicted to paper. Ok ok it isn't quite this bad but I do have a deep love for paper. After college I had a 9-5 job working in downtown Atlanta, sitting at a desk, and being bored most days. Through a series of events, including a bad break up, I decided to quit my job and just figure out what I love. The next day a sign went up close to my house that said a new Paper Affair was coming in- I called, was hired, and the love for paper was started. I thought at the time this would be a part time thing in between jobs but after the first day I knew I had found something that I really felt excited and passionate about. I started at Paper Affair as a typesetter and quickly moved up the chain. I found that I really love life events and helping people celebrate. There is nothing more exciting than a bride coming in and needing your guidance in what she needs Or a soon-to-be mom needing to find a birth announcement and talking to them about how excited they are about their new baby. You become a part of the process and the celebration with your customers and when you see the final product there is part of you that is just as proud as they are. Part of my job that came along with being a manager was buying. Picking paper for the store is what I loved, and there is nothing better than seeing what you pick sell! (Do you see where I am going with this...) I also started dating a boy who lived in Texas and was finishing law school. I felt like I was ready for another change so I packed up and moved to Dallas. I worked for Ralph Lauren in Home and Ladies sales where I really feel like I learned how to competitvely sell. I only lasted 6 months and I was browsing Facebook and saw a page for my favorite rep group in Atlanta- Daniel Richards- and I clicked and the about me said : OPENING IN DALLAS JAN. 2009. I just knew that this was the next step. After buying at Paper Affair I wanted to be a rep- I wanted to focus on selling products than help stores and guiding people in trends. So I made some calls, sent some emails, got my interview with Dan, and got my job.
Looking back it is so clear to see that everything that happened - the good, the bad, and the really bad- HAD to happen for me to be here and for me to have figured out what I love in life and what my passion really is. It hasn't been easy, and the road to get here has been filled with so many challenges but I am so happy that I took the risks, and made the choices even though I had no idea how they would end up. Ok, ok that is is it about me- time to move on to the next blog...

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