Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything is BIGGER in Texas...

On Saturday I had my first Adult experience at The Texas State Fair and let me tell you something- everything really is bigger in Texas! I have been to the fair once when I was a kid- I think it was somewhere around the 6th grade- and my memories are vague and really the only thing I remember are lots of pigs and sandart. Going to the fair as an adult is very different then being a kid- first off I don't remember all the fried food! Our lovely friends Davis and Ashley are fair veterans and have an order they go in every year based on food. Matt and I started with a famous Fletchers Corn Dog. It was pretty good I have to admit and the lines to get them were equally as impressive. Have I mentioned that everything at the fair is fried? (At least everything worth eating!) The new fried food at the fair this year was fried butter. I decided due to my stomach bug last week it was not in my bodies best interest to follow up a corn dog with friend butter. Luckily my friends did partake in the fried butter and I photographed. The butter was sort of like dough and looked delicious!
The other highlight from the fair was Oprah. Now I did not see the talk show queen herself, but her crew was everywhere with a police escort- so they weren't too hard to miss! They were in the corndog line with us and in the Midway. It seemed like they were getting some shots for the show and learning the fair before Oprah got there! I tried so hard just to get a picture of their badge, but I didn't want to be that blogger asking them for their photo so I did the best run by shot that I could do!The Midway was also pretty impressive. I have to say that I did not ride any rides except the sky boxes. When I was younger I enjoyed have the crap scared out of me, but the older I get the less appealing it is. I now think I know why my parents did not let us ride 95% of the rides when we were kids... enough said!All-in-all the fair was a great day! I was thankful to be with our good friends who knew where to go and most importantly- what to eat!!!!

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