Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just when you thought packing tape was boring...

...the creators over at Tapswell go and completely reinvent themselves! How how cool! Tapeswell is a line that we found during the New York Stationery show and it has proved to be the hit that we all knew it would be. I think my first question was-Why has this never been done? Well it has been done now and it is extremely cute. I think Tapeswell forces you to want to think outside of the "box" and I dont just mean packing box. The labels are adorable for everyday use as well, doesn't it almost make you want to hit up that hall closet and get it organized? Use the cute labels and tape and it will look adorable sitting in storage! Starting to perserve your summer fruits and veggies? Use the labels and give them to your neighbors! Have you moved to Dallas and need to send gifts to your 4 yr. old neice in Atlanta so that you can stay the #1 Aunt? Pack the boxes in Tapeswell and it will make her that much more excited! What about your crafty friend that is hard to shop for? Tapswell also sells in a tin so you can give it as a cute gift! The Daily Grommet just had a feature video check it out! Find your closest Tapeswell store and stock up for the Holiday!

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