Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ghost Chair

{Philippe Starck Ghost Chair; Image from}

Since we are in October, and Halloween is getting closer (and I'm cheesy), I want to talk about the mild obsession that I currently have with the Louis XV Style Ghost Chair designed By Philippe Starck. I think that this chair could be one of my favorite chairs of all times. I like The Ghost Chair because it takes a very traditional style of chair but brings it the modern and edgy side by being acrylic. The Ghost chair could pretty much work in any room for anything- great for your dining chairs or perfect in a corner with a throw pillow but could work just as well in a living room to replace your club chairs. If you live in Dallas, The Nest has a great selection of Ghost Chairs- The owner of The Nest, Heather Wiese-Alexander, had her home featured in the September Issue of D Magazine Home and she had an incredible outdoor table setting under a green house using Ghost Chairs- Everything about the look is perfect to me! I have also noticed that The Ghost Chair has become popular for use in weddings to replace the traditional Chiavari chair. It is an easy transition from a very traditional look to an edgy look with a traditional design structure. I can't wait to see where The Ghost Chair pops up next (hopefully in my house!)


  1. Is the D Magazine story online somewhere? the outdoor setting sounds beautiful, would love to take a look at photos!




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