Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Little trip to Houston

Now most people from Dallas hate Houston, and most people from Houston hate Dallas. I am not one of these people,and I in fact love Houston. We were there this past weekend for a wedding and I forced my Dad and Matt to take me to the store Kuhl-Linscomb. I have met this group a couple of times at market and read about their store in a few write ups so I wanted to see if it was as great as they say, and you know what? IT WAS AMAZING. If you are ever in Houston you MUST go to this store (And if you aren't going to Houston anytime soon plan a trip to go just to see this store...seriously it is that awesome!) There are 5 buildings that make up Kuhl-Linscomb. The main store is gift, stationery, candles, books, bags, and more! I know that the team of buyers put a lot of thought and effort into finding original items and best sellers. (A note: They sell some of the finest brands of glasses and sunglasses around: think Tods and Tom Ford (a note inside a note: I have a pair of Tom Fords which caused an on going argument with Matt about why I needed these glasses but that story is for another day...)) When you walk out the back door and follow the map you are led into a building that is all Table Top- if I wasn't with Matt and my Dad I would have spent hours in there! Then you go into Childrens, Bath, Bedding, Kitchen, Furniture and Lamps. Really you could come to Kuhl-Linscomb and get everything you need to live except your groceries! They have the best brands in the every department, and the orginallity is seeping in everything they do. What I loved best about this store is that you didn't feel like there was an ounce of snootiness. Everyone, in every department, was cool and hip and helpful. Even my Dad and Matt were impressed by this store, that has to say something!!!

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