Thursday, September 8, 2011


Lulalu is one of the many interesting lines that I saw while at NYIGF last month. Lulalu is redesigned Mayfair Lane brand of clips that so many of you love. I was a little skeptical when I first heard that they were redesigning the clip but then I saw them in person and loved it! Lulalu are great circular clips that have a nonsticky grip that stick to stainless steel fridges! They come in 12 bright solid colors so you can mix and match (awesome for school colors!) They also have some super cute notepads that also have the grip on the back! Look for these in all your stores in the coming months!


  1. Every place I have looked, they have been $5.00 each. Have you found any discounts, coupon codes, or sale prices on either the Lulalu clips or the old Mayfair Lane clips? Thanks.

  2. I saw some old bird clips from MFL at Tuesday morning! Lulalu is too new to find on sale yet- but maybe during the holidays!

  3. They are on Zulily today! Check it out = )



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