Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Things

I can only imagine how it must feel being in the Oprah audience when you realize that you are on her favorite things episode. "Oh. My. God." Must be the first thought followed by sheer happiness for yourself and the loot you are about to get. I love Oprah's favorite things because watching everyone freak on the show makes me feel happy for them. Here are my top 10 picks (in order) of my favorite Oprah gifts!

1. The 2012 VW Bug (duh.)
2. The Cruise
3. The Nikon Camera
4. The Ipad
5.The Diamond Earrings
6. The Nordstrom Lingerie $500 Gift Card for you and a friend
7. The Ralph Lauren Cashmere Blanket and Sweater
8. The Le Creuset Set
9. The Lafco candle set
10. Elfa Closet System

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