Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sad about Swoozie's

R.I.P. Swoozie's. For most of us in the industry, we have known that Swoozies has been a sinking ship for sometime- I am sure there is not one rep out there who hasn't heard "You'll get a check when we get our check from Swoozie's..." Oh the feeling in your stomach since you know that check is a long time coming. Last night I received a letter, like I sure most of you did, from the president of Swoozie's explaining that no one has acquired the company like they had hoped and that it was going up for auction today, and will probably start to liquidate their assets soon. Sad. For me, as a customer, there was always something about Swoozies. When you walked in the store your senses go on high alert- so much to look at. You knew that they would have cute paper, and a great initial gift (and most of the time they actually had your initial!) They always had a serving dish for whatever Holiday was coming up, wine glasses for any Birthday, styrofoam cups for any event, and Nams Bits and Candy (that alone is enough to get me in!) Swoozie's operated unlike any other gift store, they moved merchandise in and out seasonally like an apparel store- which is quite the task if you store owners start to think about having to replenish 3/4's of your store every 8-10 weeks. Perhaps this idea is what "sank the ship." With all of that being said I also realize that in a lot of major markets the death of Swoozie's opens up A LOT of business for local retailers which is probably the boost that they need right now in their sales. I will have to admit that I am very sad that Swoozie's is going to be closing their doors. I loved shopping there.

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