Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog of the Month

Yes Mabry, my Black Lab/Basset Hound mix, was Dog of the month this month at doggy daycare. Oh, I couldn't be more proud. Mabry was an impulse pick up during my second year in college. I went up to a truck giving out puppies at our local Athens, Georgia WalMart (you can only imagine...) and decided it would be ok "just to hold him." Low and Behold 7 years later and I still have my beloved Mabry. Mabry has a funny personality that warms your heart so I am not surprised that he has won everyone over at DDC. We take him every Monday and Thursday because his favorite girl, Jessica, works those days and Mabry gets to roam around their office without a leash...oh the life. Matt and I talk about Mabry like he is our son, and we joke that we aren't sure we will love our kids as much as we love our dog. Don't get me wrong, Mabry is full of his jerk moments like when he pulls the trashcan full of coffee over to the carpet and knocks it over, or when he decides that he is sick of sleeping on the floor and so he musters up the courage to jump in our bed and sleep the rest of the day. We love him none-the-less. So today I am devoted my gifts to things to get your dog lovers! Happy Friday!

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