Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nobody puts baby in the corner....

After a 4 day trip home to Atlanta for a good friends baby shower, and some much needed QT with my 7 month old nephew, I discovered a very cute and odd baby line.... the company is called Les Deglingos. They make odd little stuffed animals for baby and children. Some are just cute, some function, and some look like road kill. I think because I see so much baby gift in stores, and so much of the same baby gift in every store, that I love to see something different and unusual. When it comes to finding gifts for baby boys that aren't super fru fru- it is really tough! So how great are these for you friends who don't want the super sweet baby? The little snuggler wolf is a great alternative to a lovey blanket- my nephew loved hanging on to his! My friend received a Discovery Deglingo Dog at her shower, and it was such a perfect gift for her baby boy on the way! This will be my new go-to baby gift for my friends that have great taste!

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