Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall is in the air....

This blog is only appropriate because it has rained here in Dallas for almost a week straight and our highs during the day have been in the 70's.... thats right folks- Fall has arrived. There is this time in the Winter when it is cold and rainy and all I can think about is how much I love summer and all summer has to offer (which is still true) but now being in Dallas where it is summer from April-September the feeling of Fall brings a whole new appreciation for the season. I am happy that I do not have the option of drinking by the pool during the hot days...instead this has turned into a 4 night a week event called football. Now I love college football (Go Dawgs!) but the further I am out of college the less emotional I feel about the sport. Sure I want Georgia to win, but does it ruin my weekend if we loose (hello opening game at OSU), nope, because I now know there is next weekend, and next season, and a 1,000,000 more games. Matt would be elated if I got into Texas football- but the reality is I just don't care enough (which is a form of blasphemy here in Texas.) What I do like though is that I feel like every Saturday we now have a reason to get together with friends. The last thing I want to talk about is the recession (which we are probably out of...) but everywhere money is tight. Why not have a football party? Have everyone bring something to share and what they want to drink- all you need to supply is the place, the TV, and plates & napkins. This totally beats hitting up a bar- and the bar tab that comes with it (thank you FoxSports Grill.) Why not get a group together and rotate Saturdays of where you are watching the game? Everybody take 2 games a season and you have something to look forward to every Saturday! Start now, and print the schedule on a cute invite like the Sharp and Sally football. If you have been invited to watch a game at someones home why not bring some great cups for everyone to use with your team of choice? There is still so much to enjoy out there and so much you can do inexpensively that adds a special touch and gives you something to look forward too this football season

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