Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Market is Over!

{New Agendas from Lifeguard Press in my favorite patterns}

Market is over- woohoo! Don't get me wrong I love market- all my stores, good energy, people buying- it is awesome but by day 7 I am beat. Our top line in the showroom this market was Lifeguard Press- not surprising since it has been SO SO SO hot this spring! It is a must have for all stores. And if you think Lilly Pulitzer is only for spring and summer- think again! Everyone was buying deep into it for fall too! The Jonathan Adler release was, in my opinion, the BEST release yet! Awesome new patterns- I can't wait to get my hands on the purple flame stitch iphone cover and matching earbuds!! Also, debuting new from Lifeguard Press, Dylan's Candy Bar Stationery and Gift! It is as cute and fun as you can expect from the popular Queen of Candy and brings in a great new price point and appeals to a completely different age group! I loved the Lollipop laterns and the scented iphone covers!

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