Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wall

This wall has been in my mind for a few years after seeing in in countless magazine articles and home decor catalogs. I love the look of a gallery style hanging- it took all the "things" I have been "collecting" (or one could say buying randomly bc I am impulsive) and after all little designer friend help (thank you Ellet!) it was hung to make it seem like all the elements were meant and bought to be hung in a group. When I see this wall I notice a few things about myself-

A. I am consistent with color- I like Black.
B. I am drawn to both florals and abstracts which, when done with a great eye, can be combined to make a very gender balanced look
C. Man I have great taste (ha ha!- jk I just didnt have a C and I thought leaving it A & B would be strange...)

I also love this gallery style hanging because it takes neutral color walls and brings life to them- great for anyone who is a renter!

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