Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you seen Smock Paper? OMG- literally I die. (sorry- just had a Rachel Zoe moment.) But really it is amazing. The wedding invitations are incredible letterpress on ecofriendly bamboo paper. There are so many elements to the invites that make it unique- rounded corners, printed backs, liners, envelofolds- you can really customize your invite to make it unique to you. I just started to rep the box line and I am equally as impressed. Letterpress lines are incredible- the trouble with them is that there are 1000's and sometimes it is tough to tell them apart. Smock uses so much color and had such a distinct look, and bright colors, that it completely sets it apart from other lines. I also love the boxes by Smock... such a great way to brighten up any office and make something ordinary look extraordinary

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