Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red is Dead

I'm going to thank my good friend Ellet for the title of this blog as we were brainstorming what I should talk about next over a glass of wine last night... but honestly red is dead. After walking for what felt like days around the NYIGF if there is any trend to be had it is that Orange is the new red. I remember in 2005 a good friend of mine was working for a big time interior designer in Atlanta and he said that, "Red is the new Neutral" well I think that that can now be said for Orange. Orange can really be combined with almost any color and it works. Orange and pink were a HUGE color combo for spring and summer products. Orange and Blue is a great way to freshen up anything Navy. Orange and Yellow work for anything gender neutral. Aside from being a huge color trend in gift, Orange is also a huge color trend in Interiors. From Accent pillows to walls- it makes the statement that you are looking for. Now for those of you one the fence about orange maybe being a little too bold let me remind you that there are SO many shade of orange to choose from. Personally I like more of a Coral orange, and here in Texas most people prefer a burnt orange, but really it is a personal preference. Orange also lets you be as bold as you want. For example from these two interior photos that I have included- yes you can be bold and paint your whole dining room a warm beautiful orange, or you can keep it simple and just accent with orange piece such as throw pillows and bowls. I really think, especially when it comes to decor, that it is easy to be safe- blues, browns, blacks- and I am no different my friends, but I really think that when you walk into a space where different bold colors have been used it brings a whole new energy that brings out a side of people that is not always seen... and who isn't sick of the same old same old? So I challenge you to be just a little bold... use orange.

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  1. already ahead of the game. our living/dining/kitchen is "determined orange". boom



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