Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't be Tardy for the Party!

Parties are a tricky venture. I have hosted a few parties in the past couple of years- from super casual dinner parties on our roof top to 60+ people for a couples showers -and the thing I find most interesting is that I put just equal amount of time and thought into both of them... OK maybe not time because I cooked the whole week leading up to that Bridal shower, but you get what I am saying... This year for Christmas I am going to be heading to Atlanta from Dallas to celebrate with my Family. In the last year most of my friends lives have changed in someway- marriage, babies, and a lot of people moving. I want to do something that brings everyone I care about close together so I am going to do a Holiday Cocktail Hour the day after Christmas. I think that a cocktail hour is such a great way of getting people together without having to go overboard. I debated what day to do it, since most of my friends do live out of town now it was tricky, but the great thing about Saturday the 26th is that Christmas is over! Everyone can relax, eat, drink, and talk about what they got and gave for Christmas! Now don't get me wrong, I love a big party but there is something about having just close friends that makes everything a little easier and more relaxed. I could exists on eating appetizers alone for the rest of my life so just having Hor'derves is no problem for me! It will start after 5 and last until we decide to move locations or the last friend leaves! Starting early gives people the chance to make other plans in the evening as well and since most of my friends live out of town (including myself!) it gives plenty of time for us to catch up! So if you want to think Big this year, go for it! But if big isn't doable this year, there are still ways to celebrate and bring your friends together!

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