Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Sorry about the lack of posts! I am still in recovery mode from the stomach bug that started on Tuesday (12-28) and that I still have not 100% recovered from- so not the best way to start 2011 but I am hopefully for a new year! 2010 was a fantastic year for me and my career. I grew my business to more than double what it was before and made more great connections. My New Years resolution for 2011 is to take everything in my life up a notch. I want to be better at everything that I am currently involved in (professionally and personally). I want to be a better rep, a better leader, a better friend, a better girlfriend, a better sister, a better aunt, and just a better person. I know that is a goal is one that can not be completely acheived bc there is always room to grow but I think that if I just start to make an effort to be present and give my best that I will be happier with the end results. I hope that everyone has a happy and healthy 2011!

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