Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is my dearest friend, Kristen, working at the Mayfair Lane booth this week during the New York City Gift Show. I didn't attend the gift show, but I was at the NYC Stationery Show this past May and what a treat that was! Who knew so much paper was out there?!?! Mayfair Lane is a must have in every Stationery store. The clips are adorable and the best thing is that they stick to Stainless Steel (if you are a mom with a SS Fridge this is a MUST HAVE) Besides the Happez Clips, Mayfair Lane also does great notepads, picture frames, whiteboards, and my new favorite flashlight- when I get my sample there will be a Vlog about it because it really is that cool! Check out Mayfair Lane !!!!


  1. Love this!! I want some of the frames for my fridge :)

  2. I love my frames and clips! Great designs!!



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