Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zebra Zebra Everywhere

Let’s face it- Zebra is in and it is here to stay! It blows my mind just how popular the zebra pattern is and has been for the past year. It seems like every time I go into an appointment if it is Zebra I can walk out with a good sale under my belt. I think that what people love about Zebra, especially in Texas, is that it makes a statement. Case and point, the chair featured in the picture, without that in the room the room seemed so unfinished. I am not one generally for lots of animal print but the Zebra just worked. (Side note: that chair has been the topic of discussion between my BF Matt and I and just how long I will be able to keep that chair…)

There is so much Zebra out there that it is hard to pick just what I love the most but one of the front runners has to be Sharp and Sally Zebra note blocks and note cards. At most of my appointments when we come across Zebra in any line it is picked up quickly with no debate, and not because it is anything new but because it is what people continuously want. I think Zebra is also appealing because it knows no age. Zebra is just as appropriate for your girly five year old as it is for your sophisticated woman. From Swoozie’s to Neimans it really is everywhere. Zebra is also making quite the appearance in this years Christmas release. In Paperbelle’s Digital Album you have to love the square photo cards with the Zebra in 4 different colors! Whose kids don’t look even more adorable on a green or red zebra print ( perhaps Mr. Mabry will make his way on to a zebra card this year!)

Some other front runners in my favorite zebra are the Cross my Heart jot note pads in all the animal prints, anything in The Macbeth Collection in hot pink and green zebra, and I love the Whitney English Navy and Yellow Zebra note card because it just such a different look. To sum it up, Zebra has something for everyone and everyone needs to find something they love in it, because it isn’t going anywhere


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